Alaska Cookbook - Dessert Recipes

Enjoy our fine selected dessert recipes. Our lodge chef team constantly work to create hand-crafted dessert and pastry recipes for our lodge guests. Our chefs guarantee a top-rate dining experience and enjoy showcasing their art work on our Alaska online wilderness cookbook. Enjoy!.
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Dessert Recipes from our Professional Culinary Team...

  chocolate zucchini cake recipe  

Chocolate Zucchini Cake w/ berry compote

  Fresh berries, rich chocolate, healthful zucchini. A great choice for finicky palates. You can't go wrong with these great combinations of flavors!

  Velvet Mocha Pie recipe  

Velvet Mocha Pie

  Need we say more? Seriously. Big wow-factor here.

  Strawberry Dream Dessert  

Strawberry Dream

  An excellent light summer dessert for those who love fresh strawberries.

  Espresso Mocha Creme Brulee  

Espresso Mocha Creme Brulee

  A new rendition of a classic dessert favorite..

  Flourless Chocolate Cake  

Flourless Chocolate Cake

  Rich chocolate dessert with a hint of coffee flavoring

  Wilderness Place Lodge Cookies  

Wilderness Place Lodge Cookies

  Our "soon-to-be-world-famous cookie" recipe! Actually, already world famous! Google it: this recipe is everywhere. Try it and you'll see why.

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