View our guide to Anchorage Alaska restaurants for a good night on the town following your stay with us!

Anchorage Alaska Restaurant Guide

We have hand-selected restaurants and dining establishments in Anchorage we feel you will be satisfied with. Our selection is based on testimony from our many return fishing lodge guests.
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Anchorage Alaska Select Dining Establishments

Here is a list of suggested restaurants in Anchorage, Alaska. We hope you enjoy your stay in Anchorage prior to and following your stay with us at Wilderness Place Lodge.

Anchorage Airport Area Restaurants

  • Piper's Restaurant On the shores of Lake Hood and Lake Spenard Seaplane base; Piper's is a great establishment for good food, cold beer, a dining deck and a full breakfast menu within the Coast International Inn.

  • Gwennie's A classic Alaskan restaurant with generous portions and an awesome menu. Worth every penny.

Downtown Anchorage Restaurants

  • The Glacier Brewhouse "Where Alaskans Meet" -- Great beer brewed in house and excellent cuisine with a great variety.

  • Orso The freshest Alaskan Seafood, fresh pastas, exquisitely grilled meats, house made desserts and classic cocktails.

  • Humpy's Alehouse A casual, neighborhood alehouse. Excellent food at reasonable prices, live local music and a fantastic selection of draught beers

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