Lake Creek Alaska offers some of the finest fly in river fishing for salmon and trout.


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Lake Creek Alaska - Fishing Alaska Salmon and Trout on our home river

Lake Creek near Skwentna, Alaska.

Wilderness Place Lodge is one of the premier full-service, quality fishing lodges on Lake Creek. We are located on 10 private acres right on the river itself. Carefully compare our rates, inclusions and services to other south-central river lodges and you will see that we aspire to offer the most complete, worry-free, inclusive fishing packages. Lake Creek is one of the most beautiful, inland clear water salmon streams in Alaska and we take pride in this sanctuary. We are currently contributing to the Wild Salmon Center and other conservation organizations to help preserve this and other salmon strong-holds in Alaska.

Fishing Lake Creek, Alaska

Wade fishing is our focus on Lake Creek. There are methods of boat fishing the lower river, predominately for king salmon, but we prefer to wade fish or hike the numerous gravel bars that line the river's edge. Fishing with conventional spin fishing equipment is highly productive for all salmon and trout and there are many versatile techniques that are effective. Fly fishing is extremely effective, not just for the seasoned pros, but for newbies who have never conceived of fly fishing! The fishery is rich and the river is fairly easy to fish even if you're not yet a 'master-caster.' The thrill of learning a new art and catching good numbers of fish is one of the many bonuses of fishing with us in this great place. For those in seek of a true 'off-the-beaten-path adventure," we highly recommend one of our remote Lake Creek float trips. Float trips are the only true way to see the tremendous diversity of Lake Creek Alaska from source to mouth and experience blue ribbon fishing, fantastic panoramas and wildlife en route! Overall, we think you'll fall in love with our precious piece of Alaska's nature. The tranquility of a river like this we strive to preserve for all future generations to come. Check out our Lake Creek conservation page!

We strive to offer the best fishing lodge experience at Lake Creek, Alaska.

Lake Creek Alaska begins as a random flake of snow on some random glacier off some random mountain side, still unnamed; on the southern face of Alaska's Denali National Park. Do to pure randomness, Lake Creek is a clear-water, freestone Alaska river system teeming with rainbow trout, arctic grayling and provides great Alaska salmon fishing for all 5 salmon species. The randomness is in the fact that Lake Creek wouldn't be the clear-water river system it is without the lake that feeds it, and the many spring-fed creeks that run into it during it's 60 mile march south to the glaciated Yentna River. The lake, Lake Chelatna, is fed by mainly glacial runoff on the north end from looming ice-laden mountains within Denali National Park. Chelatna Lake is a trough for one of the largest drainage systems of the south Alaska range. It is approximately 8 miles long by 1/2 to a 1 mile wide in parts. It is an extremely deep, cold water oligotrophic lake that supports a healthy lake trout population and sustains rainbow trout during winter. Chelatna also provides ideal spawning habitat for sockeye salmon in summertime. Sockeye fry become a key food source for trout and grayling over winter. The lake is a natural settling pond for silt and sediment deposited by glacial melt from the north and spring snow-melt from the surrounding mountains. By the time the random flake of snow melts and trickles downhill to the southern end of Lake Chelatna, it's free of sediment, clear and glistening as it feeds into what is now Lake Creek proper or the "creek fed from the lake." Lake Creek in the native Dena'ina tongue is called: "Hneh'itnu Heneh'itnu" or 'upland creek'.

Native rainbow trout fishing on Lake Creek Alaska.

The Dynamics of Lake Creek

Lake Creek is significant due to the fact it should be a glacial river, but by chance it's set up to become one of the most picturesque clear-water Alaska rivers. The river is covered with huge glacial erratic boulders deposited in the recession of the last Alaskan ice age approximately 10 - 15 thousand years ago. The largest boulders were deposited upstream, yet the lower river is comprised mainly of till gravel from pea-sized pebbles to rocks the size of your fist. Talk about ideal habitat for spawning salmon, aquatic insects and hungry trout! Also, because the bottom content is a smaller sediment size, the river bottom is constantly changing and redefining itself each season. When fishing Lake Creek Alaska, each year you can expect some dramatic change. That is the reason this fishery is truly one-of-a-kind.

Lake Creek Alaska Lodge Review

Outstanding fishing experience.

Five star rating. June 19, 2016
5/5 stars
I only had time for a single day of fishing on Lake Creek with the Wilderness Place Lodge but it was absolutely terrific. Noah was an outstanding guide, not just because I caught fish (though I did) but because the whole day was so enjoyable. All the staff went out of their way to be helpful and friendly, the facilities were in great shape, the river lovely and scenic. I can recommend this lodge with great enthusiasm, and I know that a longer trip would have been even better. Guest review from Tripadvisor