Alaska pink salmon fishing is a superb fishing venue for all ages and abilities. Enjoy spin and fly fishing humpy salmon at our lodge at Lake Creek.


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Fishing Pink Salmon at Wilderness Place Lodge.

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Alaska Pink Salmon Fishing Guide & Trip Planner

Alaska pink salmon fishing is the ultimate venue for the novice spin or fly fishing enthusiast. Pinks or 'humpies' are the most numerous of Alaska salmon species, are very aggressive and can be caught throughout the river system. 100 fish per day is achievable, so it's ok to pinch yourself.

Alaska Pink Salmon, or "humpback" "humpy" salmon enter into Lake Creek Alaska by Mid-July in large numbers. Pinks are the smallest of the salmon species, but are the most numerous. Alaska pink salmon run 3-6 lbs and provide an excellent fight on light tackle. Being extremely aggressive, they attack any lure or fly presented in the correct manner. Both spin and fly fishing for pink salmon is highly productive and you can expect to catch large numbers of fish in a variety of locations throughout Lake Creek and surrounding tributaries. Pinks run strong in Lake Creek until Mid-August when they begin the onset of their spawning season. During this time, thousands of pink salmon congregate in the shallow gravel areas off the main river channel. Rainbow trout can be see cruising through spawning schools of pinks feeding on eggs that escape from spawning redds.

Alaska pink salmon spin fishing equipment.

Spin Fishing Pink Salmon

Pink salmon respond most readily to Vibrax, Panther Martin or Mepps Aglia spinners. Spinners are much easier to fish in shallow haunts where pink salmon congregate. A good combination of spinners of different sizes, colors and different shaped spinner blades will allow a wide variety of options and presentations. Pink/silver and green/silver seem to be the best color combinations preferred by pinks in our river system. As mentioned with other salmon species, special attention is needed to cast the perimeter around holding fish so as not to spook schooling pinks.

Our pink salmon fly fishing information guide.

Fly Fishing Pink Salmon

Alaska fly fishing trips for pink salmon is an awesome experience for novice and accomplished fly fishermen. We spot cast to large schools pink salmon congregating throughout our river. Fly fishing for pinks is cast and retrieve, much like silvers and chums. The sheer numbers of pinks in our river system in July and August offers non-stop action. It's a great first fly fishing experience for those who have not tried the art. You can learn the basics of fly casting and presentation with the luxury of hooking dozens of pinks in the process!

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Pink Salmon Fly Patterns

Be sure to visit our signature Alaska fly patterns page for more suggested pink salmon flies. Pink salmon flies are smaller, lightly weighted streamers. Typically, we fish size 2 fly patterns with a fairly strong, low-profile long-shank hook. Pinks almost always trail flies, but don't always hit immediately, so it's important that the fly looks as natural as possible. Any kind of a pink prawn imitation fly is a great choice. It's always good to have a variety of weights and sizes to change up the action & presentation depth. Stripping flies with a short popping actions is often the most effective presentation.

Alaska sockeye salmon fishing information page.

Peak Salmon Fishing Calendar

Follow the link above to our Alaska peak salmon run calendar. When you visit will determine which salmon species are running strong in Lake Creek. Pink salmon arrive each summer during the middle part of July marching into our river in large numbers. Pinks arrive chrome bright and gradually develop their characteristic pink and purple markings. Large numbers of pink continue to run into our river system through the first week of August before gradually tapering off as their spawning period approaches in mid-August. Action is fast and furious during this period and provides fast action for all ages and abilities.