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Alaska fly fishing trip information.

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Planning your Alaska fly fishing trip, or fly fishing lodge adventure!

The fly fishing experience at our lodge is quite diverse and varies widely depending on the time of summer you visit and the species of fish you intend to pursue on Lake Creek. Early June grayling and trout provide exciting quarry on dry flies and smolt pattern streamers. By mid-June water levels and clarity is ideal for king salmon fly fishing. We swing large streamers for kings up to 60lbs! Spey fishing is our primary focus when targeting kings on the fly mid-June through July 10. By mid-July large numbers of sockeye, pink, silver and chum salmon enter our river system. Silver, Pink and Chum salmon continues to peak through approximately August 25. Fly fishing for rainbow trout peaks in early to mid June and again from late July through September. Fly tiers, visit our Alaska signature fly patterns page to stock your fly box!

Fly fishing Alaska salmon information and guides.

Fly fishing Alaska salmon

Our lodge offers a wide variety of salmon fly fishing opportunities. King Salmon in June and July are very popular with world-traveling sportsmen of intermediate to advanced abilities. Kings are large, strong and very well could be the elite freshwater fly fishing venue. Sockeye, Pink, Silver and Chum salmon provide non-stop action for anglers of all abilities; novice to advanced. Spot casting to large schools of these salmon species is something you must experience!

Planning your Alaska trout fly fishing trip.

Trout Fly Fishing

Lake Creek offers unlimited trout fly fishing opportunities. Our river is a perfect freestone wade fishing stream with much topography, gravel bars, channel breaks, islands, eddies, riffles and all the terms synonymous with blue-ribbon fly fishing. Trout fishing is very good summer-long, but the high points of the season are early to late June, late July, August and September. Please visit our Trout Fly Fishing Page for additional resources and trip information.

Alaska fly fishing gear and equipment.

Alaska Fly Fishing Gear

When fly fishing Alaska, it is important to have the correct combination of rods, reels and lines that will guarantee a successful trip. Popular fly fishing techniques include stripping streamers, drifting flies and mid-stream nymph fishing. We enjoy the opportunity to fish a wide variety of salmon species and rainbow trout under a variety of water conditions throughout our river.

Our Alaska fly patterns for fly fishing success.

Alaska Fly Patterns

Fly patterns for Alaska salmon and trout can vary widely. You can experiment with many varieties of flies and be very successful. We have assembled a condensed list of our standby fly patterns for each species which you can view on our Alaska fly patterns page. In general, if you are tying your own flies for your Alaska trip, be sure to invest in good strong hooks and quality materials for all fly patterns.

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More Fish that I Could Imagine

Five star rating. August 1, 2012
5/5 stars
This lodge is fairly accessible for Alaska. It is about a 45 minute flight on a float plane from Anchorage. The fishing is really hard to believe. At times I caught a fish on every cast for more than 10 casts in a row. The cabins are quite nice and the staff is friendly. The guides are absolutely the best! This is a wilderness experience, but they still have nice food. I think people visit for the fishing and it really is second to none. Guest review from Tripadvisor