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September fishing in alaska is all about solitude, fall colors and insane trout fishing. We offer exclusive and inclusive special trip packages for a select few in early September.
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Alaska Fishing in September at Lake Creek

Rainbow trout & Arctic Grayling

By late August, pink salmon have successfully spawned and died; silver salmon are pushing upriver to their spawning grounds and the leaves are starting to show flecks of yellow denoting the onset of the autumn season in Alaska. Chum Salmon, being the last salmon species to spawn congregate in huge numbers throughout the lower 10 miles of Lake Creek. The combination of spawning chums releasing eggs and the flesh of decaying pink and king salmon carcasses washing downstream provides the last remaining food source for hungry rainbow trout and arctic grayling prior to freeze-up. The lower river is literally a buffet of food for our native trout population. Therefore, nearly every trout migrates to the lower river to take part in this smorgasbord. This provides an excellent opportunity for fly fishermen to partake in one of those Alaska 'storybook trout experiences." The fishing is awesome and consistent all day long. For novice fly fishermen, this is a great opportunity for a high success rate with little to no prior fly fishing or fly casting skills required. For experts, enjoy the huge variety of methods we can catch trout during this period including: nymphing, streamers, egg-patterns, skating, topwater, deepwater leech fishing, etc. Also, fish big flies in deep holes in hopes of catching a fish 25"+!

Aside from the great fishing, it's just really a great time to visit Alaska. September weather is usually favorable and the backdrop is exquisite. The solitude of a remote river seldom fished by others following the salmon runs is truly a treasure. We enjoy much solitude on the river and at the lodge during September as we only accommodate a maximum of 6 fishing guests from the August 25 - September 5 time period.

september alaska fishing

Browse further categories on our Alaska fishing information page to learn more about our techniques for fishing grayling and rainbow trout. We also update our photos often to provide a visual resource of your experience at Wilderness Place Lodge in September.

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