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Alaska fishing regulations are constantly updated at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. When preparing for your fishing trip, keep tabs on regulations and restrictions for Lake Creek, our home river. We are loyal supporters of legal, ethical and conservative sport fishing in Alaska.
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Fishing Regulations For Unit 4 - Yentna River and Lake Creek

Fishing Regulations for our area can be found on the Alaska department of fish & game website at Our Area Regulations- Printable PDF - Susitna River Drainage. Lake Creek, our home river, is located in Unit 4. General fishing regulations apply to our area along with special regulations and restrictions highlighted in the Unit 4 section of the above regulations document. We have hard copies of the Alaska fishing regulations at our lodge for your reference. Do be aware that sometimes regulations can change mid-season, so printed copies of the season regs are not necessarily the most current bylaws. We keep track of up-to-date regulations by viewing ADF&G's Emergency orders and news releases

Alaska Fish and Wildlife Safeguard Program

Stop Senseless killings and endangerment to our wildlife!

Fish and Wildlife Safeguard is a non-profit volunteer citizen's organization that works in cooperation with the Alaska Wildlife Troopers. By providing a toll-free hotline phone number which citizens may call to report a resource law violation, the organization gives the public an opportunity to become involved in protecting Alaska's natural resources. Please keep Alaska a sport fishing paradise by assisting to assure ethical sport fishing and law-abiding anglers. Reports of observed breach of regulations and laws can be reported via the Fish and Wildlife Safeguard hotline at 1 - 800 - 478 - 3377.

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alaska fishing regulations

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