Here is a great collection of Alaska fishing photos from our guests at Wilderness Place Lodge on Lake Creek.
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Our Fishing Photos: Salmon and Trout

Fishing in our home river is an exceptional venue for spin and fly fishermen alike. All 5 species of Alaska salmon run into our clearwater river system and Lake creek boasts one of the finest native trout populations in southcentral Alaska. Scenic views, wade fishing, great variety and healthy fish popluations make fishing with us about as good as it gets.

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Peak Alaska Fishing Seasons
Lake Creek offers awesome Alaska salmon fishing, trout and grayling. Review our Alaska fishing guide to plan your Alaska fishing trip during peak fishing seasons:
King Salmon June 5 - July 10
Silver Salmon July 18 - Aug 20
Chum Salmon July 25 - Aug 20
Sockeye Salmon July 13 - July 25
Pink Salmon July 15 - Aug 15
Rainbow Trout June 1 - Sept 10
Arctic Grayling Alaska Float Trips

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