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When packing for your Alaska fishing trip, it is essential to prioritize your gear list to bring the right clothing and other personal attire. You need not pack the kitchen sink! You can easiliy cover the bases and still pack light and simple.
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A Helpful Guide to Packing for your Fishing Trip to Alaska

Plan for the Weather: Dressing in several layers is important as the weather changes from cool to warm and sunny, you can be comfortable with minimal inconvenience. Our weather can vary from chilly and wet (dipping down to 40 or 45 degrees at night) to warm dry days above 80 degrees. For the most part, our area has fair weather, but come prepared for all possible conditions. Our latitude of about 62 degrees, we have over 20 hours of daylight in June and July! Check local weather on our Alaska Local Weather Page. Travel Light! When traveling by float plane, please avoid hard suitcases and bring only duffel bags for your trip to the lodge. Nearly all your clothing and gear for a week’s stay should fit inside one 24” by 36” duffel bag and one smaller bag. Also, please leave your hair dryer at home as the generator is not able to support high wattage items.

Clothing and Personal Gear to Plan on Packing:

Polarized Sunglasses Lightweight rain shell
Fleece or wool pullover Tennis shoes for in-camp use
Medicines, if required Personal toiletry articles
Good selection of Socks Lightweight long underwear for under waders
Light gloves Thin wool stocking cap
Baseball cap or river hat Short-sleeved cotton shirts
Mosquito Repellant Sunscreen
Camera Flashlight/Headlamp - Late July, Aug. Sept

We are able to accommodate CPap machines 24/7 at the lodge if we know in advance. We wish you a pleasant trip to Alaska! We are sure that your stay with us at Wilderness Place Lodge will be a memorable one. We recommend that you plan to overnight in Anchorage the night before traveling to the lodge.

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