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Alaska Fishing

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Fishing in Alaska is the favorite past-time for state resident and for good reason. Alaska is home to the largest native salmon runs in the world! The native rivers and streams of Alaska have gone un-changed since their formation during the recession of the last ice age. Fishing in Alaska is proverbially on the bucket-list trip for all avid fishermen. Novice sport fishermen alike have come to find that Alaska is the ideal venue to discover a love for the sport. Planning a day or more of fishing while visiting the state is highly recommended! Our lodge offers a wide diversity of fishing experiences for guests of all ages and abilities. We will be happy to help plan the ideal trip for you! For those interested in a diversity of outdoor activities, we also bundle fishing with many other venues. Continue to read our page below to gather detailed information to help plan your ideal fishing experience!

Alaska Fishing Trip Planning FAQs

What is the best time to fish Alaska?
The Alaska sport fishing season in our area is mainly June through the end of August each year. There's no "best" time to visit as it really depends on the species of fish you prefer to target, the type of weather you prefer and if you are interested in blending fishing with other adventure outings. For details on fish species available in our river and peak fishing periods, visit our Alaska fishing calendar.
My group is interested in fishing, but we have limited experience. What is a good Alaska fishing experience for us?
There are particular times of the summer that are a great fit for visiting our fishing lodge if you are a novice fisher person. June is a great time to visit for great spin and fly fishing for a variety of species and learn the basics of fly fishing on light tackle for trout, grayling and pike. June is a great time to blend your lodge stay with a day float trip for a combination wilderness and fishing experience. A second option would be mid-July through mid- August as this period offers easy fishing techniques for a diversity of salmon species conveniently located near the lodge. Overall, our river and lake fishing venues are adequate for fishermen of all abilities.
Do we need to bring our own fishing gear?
Our packages are all-inclusive with exception of Alaska Fishing licenses. Your personal guide will set you up with all necessary fishing gear (spin and fly), Gore-tex waders and boots, all terminal tackle, flies, lures, etc. and will stand by you and patiently instruct you how to effectively target each fish species. No need to bring any of your gear unless you prefer to.

More Fishing Related Questions:

What is the typical fishing regimen like?
We can adapt the fishing regimen to fit your preferences. There are certain times of the summer that require less mobility to access the best fishing spots. Other times of the season or under certain water conditions may require more extensive hiking or wading. Let us know you limitations or preferences up front and we can suggest an ideal regimen for you and your group. Read more about our Alaska fishing itinerary.
I have questions about Alaska fishing regulations, keeping fish, licenses, etc
Great! Yes, it's important to do your research before locking down your ideal fishing trip. Alaska regulations are constantly changing and will determine which species you can keep and how many. License requirements and prices change year to year as well. We have created a great assembly of fishing planning guides that should answer these questions.
How do I proceed with booking a trip?
After you have decided the ideal fishing package for your group, the next step is to contact us so that we can confirm availability for your preferred travel dates. We will then draft up your custom trip itinerary and travel documents for your review. If you plan to move forward with a reservation, we require a 20% deposit to lock in dates. You can place a reservation request securely online, email us at or call us directly at +1 907-355-7616.

Plan your Alaska
Fishing Adventure!

Salmon fishing in Alaska

Our fishing lodge features fishing for all 5 species of Pacific Salmon. When you visit determines what species are running in our river system. Check out our Salmon fishing page for more.

Trout fishing trips in Alaska

Rainbow trout fishing is excellent in our river throughout the summer. Native "leopard" rainbows are an amazing fish to catch by means of spin or fly fishing. Trout fishing is a superb venue for anglers of all abilities.

northern pike fishing adventures in alaska

A nearby lake chain provides excellent top-water fishing for Northern Pike. Pike are voracious feeders that aggressively attack lures and flies and are a blast to catch.

Fly fishing in Alaska

Fly fishing in Alaska continues to grow in popularity. The key to fly fishing is a variety of fish species within the ideal type of river system. Our diverse, clear-water river is the ideal Alaskan fly fishing stream to target salmon, trout and grayling.

Spin fishing techniques for Alaska species

There is a diversity of spin fishing tactics that we use to target salmon, trout, pike and grayling. Read our Alaska spin fishing guide for more information.

Fishing resources for fishing in Alaska

There is a lot of information to gather when putting together your Alaska fishing trip. Our Alaska fishing resources page is a great source of information for planning.

Planning your Alaska fishing trip with our peak calendar.

Our peak fishing calendar will help you decide when to plan your fishing trip to our lodge. If you have any questions or would like us to suggest the best venue for your group, just let us know!

View our lodge rates, adventure and fishing packages.

Visit our Package and Rates Page for further information on the wide diversity of fishing and adventure trips we offer plus booking instructions and policies.

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