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Alaska Fishing Guides: Information and Resources

Our Alaska fishing guides page offers organized information and links to necessary resources needed to plan your trip to our lodge. Here you will find helpful information to aid in every stage of your Alaska fishing trip preparation.

Planning for your fishing trip requires you have easy access to all information, guides and resources. Above we have assembled quick links to everything from Alaska fishing licenses, regulation information, packing lists, fish processing information, trip planning suggestions, Anchorage fishing stores, fly shops and more. We hope this guide is helpful to you during the preparation stage of planning your fishing lodge vacation with us at Wilderness Place lodge, or to any other fishing destination in Alaska. If you have any further questions whatsoever, feel free to email us at

Information on Alaska fishing licenses for your upcoming trip.

Alaska Fishing Licenses

Alaska Fishing Licenses are available for 1, 3, 7, 14 days or annual periods. Fishing stamps are also required for king salmon. It is helpful to purchase your license prior to arriving to Alaska to save you time. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has a great online site for purchasing your licenses for your entire crew.

Current Alaska fishing regulations to help assist with planning your trip.

Alaska Fishing Regulations

Alaska fishing regulations are ever-changing. You need to be aware of fish limits and restrictions in each area of Alaska you will be fishing in. Please contact us anytime to verify current rules and regulation information. New regulations for the calendar year are typically released by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game in April of each spring.

View our Alaska fishing trip packing suggestions page.

Trip Packing Suggestions

Packing for your Alaska fishing trip requires you to prioritize your list of necessities, but keep it simple. It's possible to be warm, dry and comfortable without packing bulky and/or unnecessary items. You'll thank us later for this point. Alaska is actually quite temperate in the summer so no parkas necessary! Visit our fishing trip packing page for clothing and other fishing and non-fishing accessories you should consider bringing with you to our lodge, on a float trip or any wilderness adventure in Alaska for that matter.

Alaska fishing processing information page.

Fish Processing Information

"How do we get our fish home" is one of the most common questions you will ask if you are interested in keeping any salmon during your vacation. We help in every way possible to fillet, pack, transport and ship your fish. Our fish packing and processing page offers a concise breakdown of the options and services you will have to choose from.

Browse our Alaska fishing reports update page.

Alaska Fishing Reports

From time to time throughout the summer season, we will post current fishing reports here on Lake Creek, Alaska. So, if you were not able to join us this year, you can keep tabs on what your missing. Or, if you are joining us, you can check in on current weather, water conditions and fishing action prior to your arrival. Enjoy!

Use our peak fishing calendar to choose your ideal trip venue.

Peak Alaska Fishing Seasons

View our Alaska peak fishing calendar to plan your ideal adventure. Native trout fishing is consistent throughout the summer season. As for salmon, when you visit our lodge determines which species are available in our river system.

Explore Lake Creek, our home river system.

Lake Creek, Alaska

Lake Creek is our home waters. A scenic, clear water freestone river, Lake Creek runs for 60 miles from Denali National Park and past the banks of Wilderness Place Lodge before flowing into the glacial Yentna River. Discover our precious resource and the wealth of fishing opportunities that abound!