Alaska arctic grayling fishing is a great venue for fly fishing enthusiasts and dry fly fishermen in particular.


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Fishing Arctic Grayling at Wilderness Place Lodge.

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Alaska Arctic Grayling Fishing Guide & Trip Planner

Alaska Grayling Fishing is a great early and late-season fishery in the lower river. In the upper river and tributaries, grayling fishing is excellent summer-long. Dry fly fishing can be outstanding on our guided float trips and special fly-in adventures!

Arctic Grayling are native to Lake Creek and are abundant throughout the river. Although they can be caught throughout the season, absolute best times occur in late May/early June, and throughout August into September much like rainbows. Fly fishermen are very successful fishing dry flies for these aggressive top water feeders. Grayling are versatile feeders and can be taken on virtually any lure that is presented correctly. Dozens of fish may be caught daily during peak conditions averaging 10-16 inches.

Alaska grayling spin fishing equipment.

Spin Fishing Grayling

We spin fish for grayling primarily using small, lightweight spinners such as Mepps Aglia, Blue Fox Vibrax and Panther Martin. Bucktail-type spinners are favored as grayling avidly feed on small minnows and insects as their primary diet, so this combination offers a hybrid food source so to speak. Ultra-light rods and reels are ideal.

Our arctic grayling fly fishing information guide.

Fly Fishing Grayling

The fun in fly fishing arctic grayling is their receptivity to taking flies on top-water. Dry fly fishing, particularly on float trips and early and late summer at the lodge can be very good and occasionally we catch some very good size fish. Alternatively, grayling eagerly strike a variety of nymphs, small minnow imitations and egg patterns. Very light fly rod & reel combinations are a great choice.

View our Alaska Grayling flies.

Grayling Fly Patterns

Be sure to visit our signature Alaska fly patterns page for more suggested grayling flies. Dry flies are preferred and a variety of nymphs, egg patterns and small streamers are effective as well. Streamers are probably the most effective in higher water conditions such as spring time where surface fishing becomes a bit difficult to target fish. Also during spring through mid-June a large amount of salmon smolt migrating downstream provide the main source of forage. Occasionally, grayling will take small mice from the surface, so a bit larger fly such as a stimulator might be a great choice for larger fish.

Alaska sockeye salmon fishing information page.

Peak Alaska Fishing Calendar

Follow the link above to our Alaska peak fishing calendar. When you visit will determine which fish species are on the bite in Lake Creek. Grayling are cold-water species and prefer to reside in areas of the river with water temperatures below 60 degrees if possible. Therefore, grayling will migrate throughout the river to find preferred habitat. Near the lodge, grayling are most prevalent in early June and late August through fall. Meanwhile, we find them throughout the upper river on our remote float trips.