Alaska northern pike fishing offers a unique fly-in Alaska pike lake fishing experience.


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Fishing Northern Pike at Wilderness Place Lodge.

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Alaska Pike Fishing Guide & Trip Planner

Northern Pike are abundant in the nearby Fish Lakes Chain. This area is accessible by boat and portage within 20 minutes of the lodge. Large numbers of fish 2-4 lbs with some exceeding 10 lbs. can be taken by various techniques in these secluded glass-water lakes. Pike are voracious feeders and provide hot action on top-water lures and flies throughout the summer. Low light periods of the day and early and late season provide the best times to chase pike. Overcast and rainy days allow for consistent fishing all day long. This is a great supplementary side trip to your Alaska salmon and trout fishing vacations. The lake chain is a beautiful, peaceful place that is a whole different world compared to wade fishing our local river system. You can set up a trip to our area pike lakes with your guide at any time during your stay. Many people that have never pike fished before will love this experience!

Northern Pike Fishing Gear

Spinning/Bait casting:
  • • Rods: 6 1/2 ft medium/medium-hvy. Spinning or Baitcasting rods
  • • sReels: Spinning – size = 120yds/12 lb test
  • • Line: Berkeley Trilene XL – for castability 10-12#
  • Lures
  • -Topwater buzzbaits
  • -Topwater frog/mouse imitations
  • -Johnson Silver Minnow spoon with grub trailer
  • -The original Rapala floating minnow crank baits
  • • Rods: We use 7-8 weight fly rod/reel outfits
  • • Leaders: Pike are toothy critters and can chew clean through most monofilament leader materials. A short steel leader 6-8 inches is often added to a typical 10# 4 foot mono leader.

We fish pike in weedy bays, shoreline structure, and channel edges depending on the sky conditions and time of season. Lures with enforced weed guards are a must!