Alaska king salmon fishing is an experience of a lifetime at our fly in lodge! Here is some general information on fishing chinook salmon at our lodge.


Alaska King Salmon Fishing Trips

Fishing King Salmon at Wilderness Place Lodge.

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Alaska King Salmon Fishing Guide & Trip Planner

Alaska King Salmon Fishing is the ultimate in freshwater sport-fishing adventures. Big kings in a small, clear water river should be on the bucket-list for spin and fly fishing enthusiasts alike. Lake Creek and Wilderness Place Lodge is the ideal venue for awesome Alaska king fishing trips! Check out our super-cool King Salmon conservation deal!

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Alaska king salmon, "Chinooks", are the largest of the salmon species and are renowned for their tackle-testing runs and long sporting battles. King Salmon enter into Lake Creek in early June and good fishing continues into early July. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game closes Alaska rivers to King salmon fishing typically on the 13th of July so they may productively spawn and complete nature's cycle. King Salmon typically run between 20 - 40 lbs. In Lake Creek with trophies running in excess of 50 pounds.

Spin fishing for Alaska king salmon.

Spin Fishing King Salmon

If you prefer spin or bait-cast fishing, there are a wide variety of tactics that we use to successfully catch king salmon in our clear-water river system. We fish spoons, spinner, plugs and a variety of drift rigs. Drift rigs, including Corky rigs and Spin-glow rigs are used by means of casting and drifting on the river-bottom in the deepest slots where kings hold in large densities. Both are rigged on a snelled Gamakatsu Octopus hook on a 2-3 foot 25# mono leader. The leader is attached to a snap swivel, which then is attached to the main line. We drop 2-4" sections of 1/4 oz. pencil lead from the snap swivel to sink the rig directly to the bottom of the river. Please see our Alaska spin fishing guide for more details.

Our king salmon fly fishing information.

Fly Fishing King Salmon

Fly Fishing King salmon is probably the most exciting sport fishing venue in Alaska. We are usually fly fishing kings from shore or wading from gravel bars to pursue these giant fish. Casting a fly to kings requires proper gear and technique. Water conditions vary greatly during June through early July. When fly fishing for king salmon, it is essential to have a wide array of fly lines, sink tips and shooting heads to achieve proper presentation. Consistent fly drift near the river bottom through deep water greatly increases your hook rate. Please see our Alaska fly fishing guide for more details.

View our king salmon flies resource page.

King Salmon Fly Patterns

Be sure to visit our signature Alaska fly patterns page for more suggested king flies. Most of our King flies are weighted, either by wrapped lead wire mid-way on the shank of the hook, or by cone-heads, bead-eyes or dumbbell eyes. King flies are swung through fast current in deep holes, so the flies must get down. Weighted sink tips, weighted flies and short leaders assure a deep presentation near the river bottom where kings hold in the main channel. Many of our fishermen prefer tube flies that allow the use of Gamakatsu Octopus hook notorious as a very strong, sharp alternative that decreases the chance you will lose a big fish in fast water. Color and size trends change regularly with kings. Be adaptive. Proper presentation is key to success!

Alaska peak fishing calendar information page.

Peak Salmon Fishing Calendar

Follow the link above to our Alaska peak salmon run calendar. When you visit will determine which salmon species are running strong in Lake Creek. King salmon typically start to show up in our river system during the first week of June and really ramp up on or around June 10th. The king run remains strong through the first week of July prior to closing for the season on July 13.