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Alaska Trout Fishing Trips: Trip Planning Guides

Alaska Rainbow Trout Fishing Trips are an essential adventure for those in seek of large numbers of healthy native fish and a great overall fly fishing experience. Rainbow trout are native to Lake Creek and represent a superior fishery throughout the 60 mile river system. Rainbows are voracious feeders and migrate to find various food sources throughout the summer. 'Bows can be caught in good numbers all summer long. Our largest trout of the summer are typically caught during early to mid June amidst the salmon smolt migration and again during and during the salmon spawn from late July through September. Fly fishing Alaska trout is an unparalleled experience! Fly fishing guests rave at this abundant and magnificent species. Rainbow trout are the featured fish of the less beaten waters we explore on our Alaska fishing float trips from Lake Chelatna down to the lodge. Dozens of fish may be caught daily during the late season salmon spawn, ranging 14 up to 27 inches in length.

Diverse Alaska Fishing Opportunities

Trout fishing near Anchorage Alaska with Wilderness Place Lodge.

Alaska Trout Fishing is excellent summer-long in our gravel-bottom clear-water river! We offer the best wade fishing; spin and fly fishing for beautiful native Alaska rainbow trout. Plan your trout fishing trip early for dates corresponding with major salmon runs. Fishing for native rainbows is a special experience and a thrill on the fly rod. We offer beginner to advanced fly fishing instruction for all ages. Inquire today to pursue this great outdoor experience!

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