Alaska salmon fishing at it's finest! Here is some basic salmon fishing information for Alaska, plus equipment and other resources.


Alaska Salmon Fishing ~ Check off the bucket list!

Fishing Salmon at Wilderness Place Lodge.

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Alaska Salmon Fishing at it's best!

Alaska Salmon Fishing on our clear-water river system does not get any better! We offer the best spin and fly fishing for all Alaska salmon. Plan your Salmon fishing trip based on our peak salmon run calendar. We're happy to assist in your planning!

Fishing salmon in Alaska is a venue on the bucket list of many fishing enthusiasts world-wide. Fishing a freestone, clear-water Alaska river system during the peak of the salmon runs is as exhilarating as it gets! Pursue your favorite salmon quarry by boat, wading, or walking the many gravel bars of our river. Lake Creek, our home river, receives strong runs of all Alaska salmon species: King Salmon (June/early July), Sockeye Salmon (mid-July), Pink Salmon (mid-July through mid-August), Silver salmon (mid-July through late August) and Chum Salmon (Late July - Early September).

Visit our Alaska king salmon fishing page.

King Salmon

King Salmon Fishing: They call them 'Kings' for a reason. King salmon can easily be crowned king of all freshwater sport fish. Our blessing at our lodge is that we fish for these monsters in shallow, clear water -- most often from the bank! King salmon are notorious for their tackle-testing runs. You can be assured, whether spin or fly fishing, that you will end each day with multiple tales of knuckle-busting fights, some successful & some no-so-lucky.

Our sockeye salmon page.

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon fishing is a tug-fest. Sockeyes or 'Reds' provide (debatably of course) possibly the best fight, pound per pound, of any Alaska salmon species.... Kings, chums and silvers are right up there (and we apologize to them.) Sockeye salmon arrive simultaneously in very large numbers and typically run strong from July 15 - 28 each summer.

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Pink Salmon

Alaska Pink Salmon Fishing: Where do we start? Pinks or 'Humpy's' get a bad rap since they're the smallest of Alaska Salmon. But! They are the most prevalent. And seriously, any fly fishing or spin fishing enthusiast would be thrilled (world-wide) if they could catch dozens of fish per day. Pinks make this achievable. They're an aggressive, cool looking fish that are the ultimate addition to your trip in July and August. Pinks are the ultimate fish to pursue if you have never been fly fishing before. You will be highly successful. Yes, you!

Alaska silver salmon fishing information page.

Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon Fishing is a 'crown-jewel' experience for traveling spin and fly fishing enthusiasts. Yes, you've heard of them. Silvers or 'Coho Salmon' are widely known for their aggressive strikes, barrel-rolling fights, acrobatics and their propensity to hit spinners, flies, jigs and lures of all sorts from sub-surface to top-water. Late July and August is the ultimate time to pursue silvers in our Alaska river system.

Browse our Alaska chum fishing resource guide.

Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon fishing in Alaska is by far the most under-rated fishing experience in the state. Seriously, 'Chums are Awesome!' Chum salmon are good-sized and do not stop fighting when hooked. Chums are popular with fly fishermen due to the fact they will hit many different fly patterns and presentations often changing their preference on the hour every hour. That fact is a fun mystery for your 'match the hatch' enthusiast. For what ever reason, they hit spinners readily... so, spin fishermen? You'll love them!

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Alaska Salmon Resources

View our Alaska Salmon fishing resource guide for those interested in regulations and other pertinent seasonal salmon information from the state of Alaska. The Alaska department of fish and game has many great guides to help orient you with the Alaska salmon fishing environment.

Diverse Alaska Fishing Opportunities

Fishing salmon on Lake Creek, Alaska.

Planning your Alaska salmon fishing trip depends on the type of fishing you prefer to do. King Salmon in June and early July provide the ultimate trophy quarry for both spin and fly fishermen. Kings average 20 - 40 pounds in our river with trophies reaching and sometimes exceeding 60 pounds! Along with great trout fishing, King Salmon fishing is the ultimate reward in freshwater sport fishing. Their drag-ripping fights are unparalleled. King fishing is something you must experience at least once in your lifetime! Mid to late July through August on the other hand offers the largest diversity of fishing. Four different salmon species run almost simultaneously in our river system. Weighing in between 3 and 15 pounds; sockeye, pink, chum and silver salmon are quite smaller than the kings, but come in very large numbers. Huge quantities of fish and a good variety of species makes July and August a popular venue for spin fishing and fly fishing in Alaska.

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Son and father trip from the UK to Alaska, halfway round the world and every mile travelled was worth it for this experience. EVERY member of staff was superb, the fishing outstanding and the food to die for. This is not about fishing this is about "living a dream," should have done this when I was much younger ....such an honor to have experienced this magical place and people. Guest review from Tripadvisor

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