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July Alaska fishing, adventures and activities

July Fishing in Alaska offers a large diversity of fish species, large quantities, long days and a high catch rate for all experience levels. Fishing, both spin and fly fishing, in July is exceptional and is a great venue for beginners and world-class anglers alike.

June 1-July 13: Early July King Salmon, Rainbow Trout

We offer the best July Alaska fishing lodge experience at Lake Creek, Alaska.

Buy the 1st of July, about 90% of all king salmon our river receives have arrived and are spread throughout the entire waterway. Low, clear water conditions offers the opportunity of sight fishing for kings congregated in the deepest water slots and cuts in the river bottom. We prefer to fish kings from the shoreline gravel bars, midstream islands and other wade fishing territory within reach of deep water runs that kings prefer and congregate within. As water levels recede we see an increase in fish numbers daily. Fly fishermen have found our river to be a very enjoyable and productive river to tackle these large migratory salmon in early July. By the 1st week of July, we need only 250 to 400 grain sink-tip fly lines to drift a fly at eye-level with the kings in the deep water slots. Channel convergences and seam lines hold large pockets of king salmon and provide excellent ambush points for the fly fisherman. Spin fishermen target the same stretches of river by fishing drift rigs such as corky floaters or spin-glows. Drift rigs are fished off the very bottom of the river and are an excellent way to consistently present lures to running salmon while covering a substantial amount of water in the process. As the water levels in the river get lower and begin to clear, we fish smaller drift rigs often in the black/silver or purple/silver combination. Trout fishing is also quite enjoyable during this 1st 10 days in July as the ability to easily wade the entire river offers the wanderlust fishermen many new opportunities to access prime rainbow trout fishing habitat.

July Lake Creek Float Trips

We offer fully guided Alaska float-fishing trips for groups of 3-4 down the length of Lake Creek . The trip begins at the river headwaters at Lake Chelatna covering 60 river miles in 6 days. Rainbow fishing is unparalleled in the upper reaches of Lake Creek, and Arctic Grayling are found in abundance as well. Floaters can fish for king salmon up until July 13th when the season on kings officially closes. We fully outfit the trips and the guides are well-versed in fishing tactics, whitewater safety, outdoor skills, camp prep, wilderness knowledge and customer service. We supply you with all necessary camp gear and fishing equipment. The trip covers a wide array of terrain from mountain habitats, a picturesque canyon, small tributaries off the main river, muskeg marshes and virgin forests. A float trip on Lake Creek Alaska is an ideal experience for the adventurous group in seek of excellent fishing, campsite camaraderie, photography opportunities and a first-hand account of the remote Alaskan wilderness. The sixth night your group will spend at the lodge with a gourmet dinner, hot shower and private cabin(s).

Mid-July through the end of the month

Plan your adventure to Alaska in July. King salmon season officially closes on July 13th, but trout fishing remains excellent. By July 14,15,16 we see the first good push of sockeye salmon entering our river system. Sockeyes enter as magnificent greenish-chrome specimens of beauty. Sockeyes weigh an average of 4 to 8lbs, but provide one of the most intense fights of any of the salmon species. Most of our sockeye run into the river simultaneously, meaning we receive typically around 30 to 40 thousand fish all within a 2 week period up through the end of July. Also during this week expect to see the 1st good push of pink salmon to enter the lower river. Pinks are bright chrome during this week and provide fast action on fly and spin tackle alike. Pink salmon numbers will increase exponentially as the month of July progresses.
By the 20th of July our Pink, Chum and Silver salmon arrive in the lower river. Fish densities increase daily and provide for fast action and large numbers of fish. Best fishing is in the lower river during mid July and the fish proceed to cover much of the river system by the end of the month. All fish are bright fresh from the ocean during July and can be taken on a variety of fly fishing and spin fishing presentations. Silvers average 5 to 10 lbs., chums 8 to14lbs and pinks 2-5lbs. Sockeyes remain throughout the river, but densities taper off after July 25. Trout fishing remains awesome as they begin to line up behind spawning king salmon schools on shallow gravel bars throughout the river.

Browse further categories on our Alaska fishing resource page to learn more about our techniques for fishing July salmon and rainbow trout. We also update our photos often to provide a visual resource of your experience at Wilderness Place Lodge in July.

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Wonderful fishing lodge. Staff is excellent, Beautiful setting, comfortable beds. Chef prepared meals. The staff couldn't be more accommodating & helpful. Knowledgable guides. The fishing gear was top notch & of coarse the fish were spectacular. When you think fly in fishing in Alaska, you expect more of a camping adventure. The accommodations are rustic yet tasteful. We had a wonderful time. Guest review from Tripadvisor